Nursery construction October 2002 - March 2003

Looking from the road, July 2002 The 'Salon'– our old retail house Parker and Brodie begin construction October 18, 2002 Dorothy on the John Deere Ready for crushed concrete, October 19, 2002 The trucks arrive Parker and Adam survey the activities Rocco trenches for the French drain Tractor in the fog Bob and Rocco making the French drain Drainage is important Sean and Dorothy winged migration Lookng down the driveway towards Gillihan Rd Retail area, November 3, 2002 Driveway pre-garden, November 3, 2002 Parker, Paul, Rocco & (a rather svelte) Brodie no one mixes concrete as well as Dorothy Rocco (we miss you) Paul and Parker painstakingly place posts some posts in, some posts out Bob and Paul drill many holes one by one Bob Huff, talented photographer, cyclist, handyman and all-around good guy Paul Harris, construction lead, funny man and nursery friend Sean Hogan, the man with the vision (and charming smile) good soil amidst the gravel and concrete Paul and Jason laboring 'til dusk Apparently there's a pot of gold in the Columbia River _ The hoops arrive! The first hoop is in place. Jim and Parker trenches are very useful Jim Mecca (I was much younger and thinner back then) Broom and Brodie Looks like progress We had fun with the cherry picker November 15, 2002 irrigation _ Eric Patton brings heat and power... propane and electricity as well _ November 16, 2002 Even Sean got in on the trenching Adam The potting must go on _ Retail pavilions! garden planting begins! December 29, 2002 _ _ December 30, 2002 _ _ _ December 30, 2002 The old retail area Poppy though she found a good hiding spot The Breezeway, aka 'Fetish' At times it got cold Planting along the driveway, January 8, 2003 _ _ Sean was a little eager to begin the planting _ John, master carpenter Welcome kitties _ Nigella, Fergus, Quercus, and Mom, Mr. Kim's cat _ _ _ Parker, Quercus and the chicken cages animals love Parker Nigella Moe and Quercus Fergus _ _ January 17, 2003 Adam Kennedy, a key to the nursery's early success Cary Ransome (with Laru), plantsman extraordinaire and the new nursery's first retail manager _ January 27, 2003 Fergus has always been a little crazed Bob and Nigella Maureen Caviness, plantswoman, talented garden designer, and Cistus' first employee the old retail area, all tidied-up the world is her jungle gym into everything chickens love sawdust we had lots and lots of chickens February 16, 2003 _ _ Moe, Cary, and Sean plant the front beds, February 18, 2003 Parker and Adam moved alot of gravel Moe, Cary and Laru Cary Adam _ Poppy loves her boys Cary, Jim and Moe bring the first plants into retail Brodie warms up the soon to be 'hot border' _ February 28. 2003 chickens and Clivias Nigella has always been a good retail helper _ Elmo & Blue _ March 15, 2003 _ _ _ Officially open for business! March 29, 2003

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