Cistus Retail

Our retail nursery is located on scenic Sauvie Island, 15 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon. 

Cistus offers a wide and ever-changing selection of Native, Mediterranean climate, southern hemisphere, hardy tropical plants, and more. We add new plants every week, including the current mail order selections which can be made available on site, by request, with 1-2 days notice.

The display gardens surrounding the nursery offer ideas year round, presenting less familiar plants, and suggesting new textures and plant combinations that extend the possibilities.

Browse Retail Plants

Enter the nursery through a front pavilion surrounded by silver, purple, and blue foliage punctuated by boldly architectural specimens. 

You're now in the biggest house, known fondly as Big Top. Here you'll find an eclectic array of plants ranging from our own specimens and pets, to palms, agaves, aloes, abutilons, succulents, hardy impatiens, dahlias, banksias, tree ferns, astelias, and leucodendrons. You'll also find The Bar, our checkout and information center.

Walk outside through Fetish - our collection of whatever is special and fun, including shade plants like podophyllum, asarum, hardy begonias, aspidistras, arisamae, tree ferns, as well as large and unusual specimens.

Once outside, you'll find four pavilions and multiple display areas, each containing separate plant offerings, many referencing the geographical location of the plants within.

Explore all the corners of the nursery and you'll find Zonal Denial, Native (Aboriginal), Araucana, Laurasia, Mediterranean, Xerophyte, Secondary Xylem, and others.

Ask any of our friendly and helpful folks to guide you through the nursery, answer questions, help search for plants or plant information, provide planting guidance, or just chat about plants.

Tour anyone?

Got a bus-load of folks? Sounds great! Email us to inquire about large group visits or tours. Did we mention we love to talk about plants...?