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Fremontodendron 'Ken Taylor'

Fremontodendron 'Ken Taylor'

Selected by famed nurseryman Ken Taylor, from among crosses between a large growing form and the more spreading F. decumbens. This hybrid is smaller than the typical flannelbush, reaching 4-5 ft tall and spreading to 6-8 ft wide or more. Leaves are fuzzy, indeed like flannel, and more dusty green than others. The large, 3", summer flowers are golden yellow and face down a bit showing their more orange backs. Easy to use as an espalier subject and wonderful on any well-drained site in full sun and mineral soil with NO summer water once established. Frost hardy to 5F, mid USDA zone 7 with the very best drainage and, again, no added summer water. Though there are several, varying forms circulating as "Ken Taylor" this is the official and true form of that plant.



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